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About Us

Our Story

Cpl. Ray's Coffee is a premier coffee shop with a very special story. The local shop is owned by the Bevel family and is dedicated to their own hero, their son Ray. 

The Bevels lost their son, Ray, while he was serving in Iraq in 2007. During this time, their local community was extremely supportive. The overwhelming support from their small town of Andrews, TX, led the Bevels to open a coffee shop to enrich the town and honor their fallen son, their hero, at the same time.

The Bevels opened this first shop in Andrews, TX in 2007. In the next few years, Cpl. Ray’s Coffee became a very special place for many local residents and veterans to stop for a cup of coffee and great conversation. The Bevels later decided to open additional locations in Odessa, TX and Aledo, TX.

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The Bevels have enjoyed serving West Texas, and they hope their coffee shops will continue to enrich their communities with good coffee that comes with good purpose. We welcome you to start your day with us! We’re open early every day of the week, and we’d love to see you! 
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